The Greeter/Usher ministry is a vital part of the worship service. The purpose of the Greeter/Usher on Sunday mornings is to greet EVERYONE with a smile and a warm "Good morning". 

The role of the Greeter/Usher is very important to parishioners and visitors.  The Greeter/Usher makes everyone feel welcome when they enter the church, help them find seats, and ensure that everyone is informed of what is expected during the service through the distribution of the bulletin. 

The Greeter/Usher represents the entire congregation in the collection and offering of monetary oblations to the altar.  After the service, the Greeter/Usher makes sure that guests are welcomed to the coffee hour.

Being a Greeter/Usher, while not overly difficult, is an extremely important ministry that is available to everyone. Joining the Usher Ministry Team is a wonderful way to meet members of St. Monica and St. James.  Persons interested in sharing in this ministry should sign up below.

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