Stewardship Campaign:  We will kick-off our annual stewardship campaign on 30 September 2018 in conjunction with our Annual Meeting.  This year’s theme will be “The Way of Love” taken from our Presiding Bishop’s invitation for us to explore The Way of Love: Practicing a Jesus-centered life.  The three weeks preceding our kick-off we are asking each of you to look inwardly to your heart and complete the sentence “At St. Monica and St. James I found…”  We will post each of your “endings” on a poster board in the parish hall. You may submit your sentence ending by writing it on the poster board yourself or you may write it on a piece of paper and drop it in the basket under the posterboard.  One of the Stewardship Committee members will transcribe it on the poster board for you. Stewardship Campaign Committee:  Dionis Gauvin, Co-Chair; Elisa Shearer, Co-Chair; and Jocelyn Beer.

In-Gathering Sunday: Our in-gathering Sunday will be 28 October. Please plan to worship with us that morning and share in fellowship of food and drink following the Mass as we submit our pledge cards for the 2019 Stewardship Year and celebrate our giving to the Glory of God for all we have been given and blessed.

Healing Mass:  St. Monica and St. James now offers a Healing Mass on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00 am.  Please join us for this time of healing and regeneration. Our next Healing Mass is on 6 October, 2018.

Prayer List:  We are updating our church prayer list for those for whom we pray as a parish community/keep in our personal prayers.  If you want to be prayed for please let us know. Also, please send in any names for those family members or friends for whom you would like for us to keep in prayer.  We plan to keep this prayer list up to date.  Please let us know when we can remove your name or the name of a loved one off the list.  If we do not hear from you to continue them on the list, we will take their name off after 30 days. But, please do let us know if you or they need to remain on the list.