What is a stewardship pledge?

A stewardship pledge is a commitment, made after deliberate and prayerful consideration, to contribute a specific amount of money to the parish community. It is a reflection of your gratitude for God’s abundant grace in your life. Pledging enables the Vestry to make realistic budget projections for the coming calendar year. We hope that all households will make a stewardship pledge—even if it is only a small amount per week—as an expression of a vital commitment to St. Monica and St. James.

Is there a minimum amount I have to pledge in order to be a member at St. Monica and St. James?

No. All gifts, great and small are gratefully received at St. Monica and St. James. Please don’t let the ability or inability to pledge affect your whether or not you show up to church. We are glad you’re here.

What if I really can’t give financially?

Please don’t feel that lack of financial giving is a barrier to your being a part of St. Monica and St. James. Remember, gifts of time and talent are just as important expressions of stewardship.

How can I pay my pledge?

St. Monica and St. James has established giving on REALM.  You may go to your REALM account and pledge directly there and pay your pledge amount there as well.  We also accepts checks, cash. You can also add St. Monica and St. James as a payee in your bank’s online bill pay feature.

Are my gifts to St. Monica and St. James tax deductible?

Yes your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by federal and state law. You will receive a statement from the treasurer at the end of the year detailing your tax deductible contributions.   Also, in your REALM account, you will be able to pull your own financial giving information directly.  

What’s a good way to figure out what my pledge will be?

Prayer is a great start! Pledging and giving regularly is a great spiritual discipline. Traditionally, we’ve been taught to tithe to the church, or give 10 percent of our income. We know that people have many obligations in their lives and not all of your 10 percent can go to the church.  We are asking that you strive to give five percent to St. Monica and St. James and five percent to your other charities or family needs. If you are able to tithe all ten percent to the church we are happy to receive. We encourage you to give what you can, whether it’s a dollar, five or one hundred a week.

What if I pledge and my circumstances change?

Your pledge to St. Monica and St. James is not a commitment set in stone. It’s your best guess of what you intend to give. If you find that your financial circumstances change in the course of a year – that’s OK – your pledge can always be revised.

How can I submit my pledge?

You can submit your pledge by mailing the pledge card to the office, dropping it in the plate on Sunday, or online.  Please go to the "give button" on this site or go to your REALM app.

Who can I talk to about my pledge?

You can talk to Father William or Mother Marilyn, the Parish Administrator, the parish treasurer Jocelyn Beer, or any member of the stewardship committee about your pledge.  You pledge details and amount are always kept confidential.