The Daily Office

The Liturgy of the "the voice of the bride addressing her bridegroom."


The Daily Office, which includes Morning and Evening Prayer, is the form of daily public worship of the Church. It is an ancient way to pray together going back to the Jewish practice of saying prayers at fixed times, a tradition that was adopted by the early Christians.  Morning Prayer marks the beginning of the day with giving glory to God. "Lord open our lips, and our mouth shall proclaim your praise." The Evening Prayer service is introduced by a blessing of light. Both of these daily offices include readings from the psalms, other scripture readings and prayers.  Another beautiful office to pray is Compline. Compline is said at the completion of the day. It includes psalms and prayers for protection during the night.

St. Monica and St. James publicly celebrates the Daily Office of Morning Prayer daily at 9:00a.m. and will before Advent 2018 begin publically celebrating Evening Prayer.

Readings for the Daily Office and the Sunday Lectionary