Sacraments at St. Monica and St. James

Q: How do I go about having myself or my child baptized at St. Monica & St. James?
A: Simply speak to our Rector (Father William) about scheduling a date for baptism and a time to meet for baptismal preparation.  Preparation for baptism is required by the candidate or the parents of an infant or child and usually consists of one to three meetings with the Father William.  In seeking baptism, you are asking for the support of the church community in your journey and in your child’s growth and development as a person of faith.

Q: Can I get married at St. Monica & St. James?
A:  Blessings on your engagement! We are glad you are seeking out a church wedding to have God part of your special day. You and your future spouse need and deserve the support of the Christian community in your married life. Thus we suggest that in seeking out a church wedding, you are also making a commitment to regular church attendance and involvement. St. Monica & St James, in accordance with the policies of The Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. is inclusive in offering the sacrament of Marriage to couples, regardless of gender.  To prepare for your wedding, Father William will meet with you four to eight times to discuss Christian marriage, your relationship, and to plan your service. We use the marriage services from the Book of Common Prayer and other approved Episcopal resources. Please contact the Parish Office to schedule a time to meet with Father William to begin planning your marriage service.

Q: I’m divorced and would like to get remarried. Can I do that at St. Monica & St. James?
A: Yes. The Episcopal Church recognizes that some marriages die and that some may choose to be remarried. For couples who have been married before, there is an application that should be started six to nine months before the wedding date. It is not at all a difficult process, there is no cost, and it can be very beneficial to couples, but there does need to be some advance planning.
Q: A family member just passed away. Can we have the funeral at St. Monica & St. James?
A: We are sorry for your loss. St. Monica & St. James is honored to be the location of your loved one’s funeral. Please call the Father William right away to meet to plan an appropriate service. It can be helpful to do this before or at the same time as you call the funeral home.  We use the Burial Service from the Book of Common Prayer, and its approved supplements. We can help you chose appropriate scriptures, prayers, and hymns, and to secure the services of an organist or other musicians.

Q: Does it matter if my loved one is cremated and there is no casket?
A: It doesn’t matter.  Either the urn or casket should be present at the funeral, for they are both treated in the same reverent and loving way during the service.

Q: We already had a funeral elsewhere. Can your priest help us with a graveside service at a local cemetery? 
A: Yes, of course. Please call the parish office to make arrangements.

St. Monica and St. James​, Capitol Hill